Why Cyber Security Managed Services Are On The Rise

This evolution occurring since the beginning of 2020 is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it is mostly due to the trust and solidity provided by managed network security services.

That is why we want to detail the benefits that you can obtain when you contract cyber security managed services with a provider that guarantees optimum quality for your company.

What are managed security services?

Managed network security services or cyber security managed services are the total or partial outsourcing of trained personnel or specific infrastructure by the company to meet a temporary or permanent need.

Position of the C-Levels before cyber security managed services. 

The investment made by companies when contracting Managed security services has allowed them to drive business growth through C-Level strategies.

The quality indicators that CIOs, CTOs, and other IT executives are applying have made it possible to improve the goals and accelerate the company’s digital transformation processes.

All this is associated with the standards applied by the strategic technological partners with whom they have made support contracts.

Types of providers in managed network security services

The consulting firms define three types of categories for technology providers:

  • Responsible for managing managed network security services, monitoring and maintaining the infrastructure in proper working order
  • They do not form or take part in the responsibility for the company’s business needs.
  • Value added
  • Responsible for keeping the infrastructure running
  • They offer additional services to the business, such as:
  • Disaster recovery
  • Software maintenance
  • Scalability planning, among others
  • High level
  • Provide the client with a wide choice of managed security services offering all the assistance they need.
  • They adjust to the client’s needs, offering high and low-level solutions that allow adequate solutions to a greater number of companies.

Types of cyber security managed services. 

Similarly, cyber security managed services can vary and be segmented according to the provider and the solutions offered to each company. Some examples can be classified as follows:

  • Systems and Applications Administration Services
  • Administration of ERP Systems
  • Proactive monitoring and prevention of system crashes
  • Network and Infrastructure
  • Creation or configuration of the infrastructure on the site or in third parties
  • Fixed networks, wireless via WIFI and mobile
  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • Remotely Managed Printing Services, etc.
  • Security maintenance services
  • Malware protection
  • Patch update and software maintenance
  • Other elements of prevention and cybersecurity
  • Communications services
  • Data, voice, and video management
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Software applications that are owned and hosted by the provider
  • Data Analytics
  • Monitoring and data logging of the network the IT solutions of the C-Levels
  • Support services
  • Most commonly offered service. Includes various levels of technical support and helpdesk

Benefits of cyber security managed services 

The main benefits focus on the following aspects:

  • Monitor the technological environment efficiently.
  • proactive actions of the entire infrastructure to be taken in the event of any incident by having a complete picture 
  • Support the C-Levels of the company when consulting daily updated information
  • 24×7 support that guarantees the availability of all services
  • Costs reduction
  • By having a managed service, highly trained staff will be available constantly
  • Reduction in consumption costs in the cloud. The efficient administration of the supplier will help to manage consumption efficiently and in a real way, removing or adding what is necessary

Managed network security services are responsible for:

  •  Optimizes the client’s service portfolio by integrating technological solutions that add value to the business
  • Improvements in the development of the company’s IT management for end customers
  • Remote integration of management systems that save on waiting times in the solution, avoiding mobilizing the company to attend to incidents
  • Customer loyalty
  • The proactive and preventive posture of the IT service provider allows your company to reduce problems and losses of end customers.
  • All quality service adds value to the business, which leads to greater retention and customer loyalty.

In summary

When your company has managed network security services provider as a strategic partner, it can more easily focus on its business strategy. This solution also makes it possible to significantly reduce the operating costs of the technology infrastructure and IT staff required.

Do you need cyber-security managed services? Contact our professionals!

As an entrepreneur, you might not have your own in-house IT group. Or on the other hand you could be the CEO of a medium-sized organization whose IT group is exhausted. With regards to extending IT abilities in an on location arrangement, the errand can be restrictively costly and tedious, dialing back development and smothering seriousness. Does the issue impact you? No problem.

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