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Your 101 Guide To Getting Gorgeous Body Wave Hair

Body Wave Hair are well-known for providing you with endless styling options, boosting your confidence, adding length and volume, and even hiding thinning hair. Among the different types of textures, gorgeous body wave hair is a favorite among women and stylists alike! 

Body wave hair is everywhere. Celebrities, models on runway shows, hairstylists’ social media platforms, and your next-door neighbors have body wave hair.

Thanks to the popularity of the body wave weave, we will tell you everything there is to know about the hair. Continue reading to learn what body wave hair is, the characteristics of the hair, how to check if it is real hair, things to consider before getting gorgeous body wave hair, where to get them from, and more!

An Introduction To Body Wave Hair 

Long and stylish 
Long and stylish

As the name suggests, the hair has beautiful and defined S-shaped patterns that resemble the curves of your body. It is one of the most popular and versatile textures. When worn naturally, body wave bundles and wigs add a lot of volume and fullness, but they also hold curls well and can be flat ironed easily.

Characteristics Of Body Wave Hair 

Characteristic of body wave hair
Characteristic of body wave hair
  • Body wave Remy hair is cut straight from the donor with cuticles intact without chemicals. You won’t experience any shedding or entangling, and they generally are silky and healthy.
  • Body waves are durable, and with proper maintenance, they will last up to 2 years.
  • The adaptability of body wave human hair is another significant reason it is so prominent in the market.
  • Brazilian body waves hair is available in multiple lengths and colors to meet your styling needs. That means you can flaunt red, blonde, green, and any other color at any length without coloring your natural hair!
  • Virgin Brazilain body wave hair can be heat-styled, bleached, and colored like your hair. 

How To Check If It’s Real Or A Fake 

Since the hair industry is quite unregulated, you can easily be duped. Mislabeling and mixing synthetic with real body wave hair is a common practice. Fortunately, there are numerous tests that you can perform to check if it’s real or fake.

Shedding and burning tests are the most popular.

  • Shedding Test

It is normal for your body wave bundles and wigs to shed a little, but extreme shedding is a telltale sign. To conduct the test, run your fingers through the strands; if your fingers glide easily and feel smooth, the body wave hair is, in fact, real. 

However, if your fingers get stuck and there are visible knots, it proves the hair is mixed with synthetic strands and mislabelled. 

  • The Burn Test

This burn test is a reliable way to tell if the body wave hair is genuine or not. Take a few strands of hair and burn them carefully. It’s real if the strands smell like burnt hair. If the strands melt like plastic, it’s most likely a fake.

5 Things To Consider Before Getting Body Wave Hair 

Things to consider 
Things to consider

As mentioned earlier, body wave hair is everywhere and has become a staple for women and stylists alike. Nonetheless, if you are considering getting body wave wigs or weaves, there are 5 things you should consider before getting them.

  • Consider the color of your body wave hair before getting them. Skin tones vary from person to person. Different colors go with a different complexion in distinctive ways. That’s why it’s crucial to think about the hue of your body wave bundles before making your decision. Colors are also vital when getting body wave clip-ins; they should be the same hue as your hair for a seamless and blended look.
  • Choosing the quality of the hair is of the utmost importance. In the hair market, a number starting with the letter “A” is commonly used to determine the grade of the bundles. The higher the number, the greater the quality. 7, 8, 9, and 10 A are high-quality Brazilian bundles manufactured from virgin strands with healthy cuticles.
  • Another thing to consider is the hair itself. There are 2 types of hair; synthetic and human hair. Synthetic body wave hair is far less expensive than human body wave hair, but it is not as durable or multifunctional.
  • Consider the length of your body wave hair! The market offers a variety of lengths, and choosing the ideal length depends primarily on your lifestyle. You might want to choose lengths between 12 and 22 inches because they are easier to maintain. Also, the length of body wave weaves is slightly shorter than straight because of the s-shaped pattern.
  • Lastly, consider the upkeep before venturing into body wave wigs and weaves. 

Body Wave Hairstyles You Can Sport

Body wave styles 
Body wave styles

Check out these gorgeous body wave styles you can rock! 

  • Center-Parted Silky Body Wave Style 
Silky and sultry 
Silky and sultry

There’s nothing quite like this center-parted silky body wave style. It is the perfect style to get all the eyes on you. The hairstyle is elegant and modern, and you can flaunt this style with a dress, jeans, or an athleisure outfit!

  • Over-Grown Lob Style 
Lob-length style 
Lob-length style

The body wave weave side-parted over-grown lob hairstyle is another phenomenal way to flaunt the gorgeous body wave hair. The lob length offers a youthful vibe and is timeless.

  • Voluminous Hot Girl Summer Style 
Hot girl summer hairstyle 
Hot girl summer hairstyle

Get ready to get your hot girl summer on with this volume-packed style! The style is chic, minimal, and just GORGEOUS. 

Where To Get Gorgeous Body Wave Hair?

Yes, there are more hair brands than alphabets, but very few brands deliver high-quality body wave hair! True Glory Hair is one of the few genuine hair brands that provides gorgeous and long-lasting products at competitive prices. 

True Glory Hair has a stunning collection of virgin Brazilian bundles, clip-ins, various wigs, and frontals & closures in body wave hairstyles. You can shop online or in-store (from 3 locations in Georgia and 1 location in Charlotte, NC) and choose from virgin and premium virgin options. 

Their premium virgin body wave hair is created from the highest-quality virgin hair and can last up to 2.5 years, while their virgin hair can last up to a year! 

Body wave hair from True Glory Hair has gone through extensive quality control to ensure every product is made of the highest quality, which you can curl and straighten to enjoy straight or loose wave hairstyles.


Body wave bundles and wigs are well-known for providing you with endless styling options and elevating your confidence like no other, which is why this style is EVERYWHERE! Use the information above as your personal guide to getting gorgeous body wave hair today!

Shop from True Glory Hair to experiment with numerous hairstyles and even patterns because it is one brand you do not want to sleep on. True Glory Hair currently has an exciting sale, and now is your chance to save 25% off on your body wave hair. Shop today and embody the body wave styles you see celebs slay!

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