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A beginner’s guide to performance auto parts

How to choose performance auto parts

Unless you own the latest sports car factory fine-tuned to provide maximum horsepower and torque, your car or truck provides lots of room for performance improvements. This happens because car manufacturers usually mechanically or electronically limit their vehicles’ performance to extend their service life and keep them running safely even under the maximum load. Fortunately, you can unlock the hidden power of your vehicle by utilizing performance auto parts and accessories that can help you improve its acceleration, handling, braking, or all at once.

Types of performance parts

By purpose, all performance parts can be divided into several main groups, including:

– auto parts that improve horsepower and torque;

– automotive parts that increase driving safety and/or comfort;

– car parts and accessories that enhance both performance and look.

The first group contains different power add-ons, such as turbochargers, electronic power boosters, cold air intakes, performance air filters, performance exhaust systems, and components. All other performance engine parts and fuel system parts and components, in one way or another, allow the driver to run faster, accelerate better, or tow more load.

Can performance truck parts add comfort to your ride?

The answer is – obviously! The second group is for all parts and accessories that add more safety and/or comfort to the ride. As a rule, they are performance brake systems and their components, performance suspension systems and parts, and different bull guards and protectors. This group also includes aftermarket seats, and other interior and exterior parts. They make the driver feel more protected and comfortable at the wheel. Regarding the last group, it includes all performance parts and accessories which add some custom style to the vehicle while enhancing its performance characteristics. Some of the best representatives of this product category are aftermarket body kits and aftermarket wheels and tires. They can dramatically change the look of a vehicle while improving its aerodynamics and/or traction resulting in better acceleration and fuel economy.

Can performance parts influence my warranty?

The short answer is yes, they can. There are many performance parts and accessories, which can affect your car warranty when installed. In most cases, they are different power add-ons that significantly increase the engine’s horsepower and torque. In other words, putting more stress on its parts and components as well as other related systems and their components, which, in turn, may influence their service life. Although, there are a lot of performance parts and components, such as performance air filters or performance mufflers, which are legal for use and will not influence your warranty. To avoid problems in the future, we recommend you check the warranty compliance of all performance parts you purchase. By the way, our website is known for posting useful tips for car guys. In addition, here are some recommendations in case your car is damaged in an accident.

Where to buy performance auto parts?

Nine out of ten people agree that the most convenient and affordable automotive parts and accessories source is a reliable performance auto parts store. It can be, for example, Truck&Gear where you can find and purchase all necessary performance auto parts online at competitive prices. You will also be able to check if the performance products you’re about to purchase are legal for use on the street and whether they can influence your manufacturer warranty. The store’s sales representatives will answer all your product-related questions to make your ride and your shopping experience a true pleasure.

About us

Trucks and cars are a big part of the U.S. industry and the life of Americans. Truck & Gear Parts Market is here to provide high-performance parts. It’s a good fit for commercial trucks, semi-trucks, pickup trucks, cars, and other light automobiles. Also, you can find various accessories to improve your vehicle and make it more comfortable and brighter. We offer top-notch parts and accessories, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. If you are looking for trailer parts – we offer them as well.

The primary goal of Truck & Gear is to continually improve the selection of products. We want to make them affordable and easy to find. Therefore, every vehicle owner could buy accessories, parts, and specialized products with ease. We want you to build the vehicle of your dreams.

Why shop performance auto parts at our store

We want to ensure that each driver can purchase all the necessary products for their vehicle. Our selection of goods contains high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories for any make and model.

Truck & Gear is here to provide high-quality parts and accessories for your truck. By understanding the importance of the transportation industry, we can serve our clients the best. We want truck owners to have the opportunity to find quality parts so they can keep running their miles. So, here is what we are passionate about:

To provide low prices so you can save

Our clients can buy all the goods at the lowest price and save money.

To provide as many products as we can

Our assortment already contains thousands of truck parts & accessories, and we are continually improving it. The sales and support team will help you to get the right products for your vehicle.

To make it easier to find and purchase goods

Site organization, search options, filters, detailed descriptions, and pictures. Everything is designed to help each customer find all the products they want.

To satisfy every client

Our goal is to provide each truck owner with all necessary products. We will help you to maintain, repair, and improve your truck. Take care of your car and buy only quality parts!

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