Airtable Demo vs Aha Pricing Demo Comparison

What is the first thing people look into while searching for an optimal solution for handling their projects? Isn’t it the price element? There’s no match for the position the pricing factor holds in buying anything in particular. Whether it’s grocery items, electronics, or cloud solutions, the price tag is of utter importance for all. It holds a special significance from an investment and returns point of view, especially in the business industry, as every investment drives return. It is second to none. And same goes for project management solutions.

Here our prime focus is the cost structure of Airtable and Aha. It is because these two highly implemented project management solutions score a significant chunk of the market. A demo of the Airtable Demo vs Aha pricing comparison will set things straight for you. In this Airtable vs Aha pricing demo, we will present the budget range, prime functionalities, and even the commonalities of these vendors.

So, if you don’t want your ship to sink, dive into this Airtable vs Aha pricing demo.

Airtable vs Aha pricing Structure Demo: What’s Common?

Before starting with the Airtable vs Aha pricing Demo Structure comparison, let’s briefly discuss their commonalities. There’s a reason we picked these feature-rich solutions all. Airtable software and Aha software present clients with a yearly discount. After all, who doesn’t like discounts, especially in the business field where everything circles around revenue and profit generation. It is because. Airtable and Aha come with two pricing tiers. 

It gives teams an option to choose whether they are ready to make a long-term commitment or not. You can take this discount as a luring tactic, but it’s all about business. Besides that, both these industry-standard solutions have four cost bundles, among which one is a free plan to help teams get started with confidence. The free program of these platforms allows users to explore the functionalities of these platforms. 

Of course, you can set up a demo with Airtable and Aha to get an inside look at the features offered, but the free plan works as a sandbox. Clients can learn how these vendors add value to their project stream without any time restrictions. In addition, there’s an option to switch from the free plans to the paid ones whenever clients feel like it. And this sense of security that we can scale our business anytime encourages teams to invest in Airtable and Aha software. 

Aha Pricing:

The details of Aha pricing plans are shared below:


The startup plan is a free pricing plan offered by Aha software. Unlike other vendors, Aha doesn’t provide its free plan to all. A certain qualification level is set for teams and organizations based on funding level. Also, there is a limit of fewer than 10 employees. 


The premium cost plan by Aha software charges $74 per month billed monthly. This plan includes Ideas Essential to set up intuitive strategies, build effective roadmaps, and more. This plan contains tools for sharing presentations with the stakeholders too. Along with 30+ integrations to help businesses soar like eagles. The best part is the premium plan offers tools to capture customer ideas to bring on-demand products into life. 


The enterprise pricing plan of Aha is the most popular one as it features distinctive capabilities. The fact that it’s for unlimited users is a value proposition of this Aha pricing plan. It costs $124 per month, and this price is for an entire workspace. The enterprise plan includes all the premium plan features plus unlimited reviewers, unlimited viewers, and integration with Aha Develop. This integration polishes the skillset of the teams.

Enterprise Plus

This Aha plan is only available for clients who opt for a yearly subscription and cost nothing more than $149. This plan tends to the governance-level needs of scalable organizations. It covers all Enterprise pan features plus; Automation rules, custom tables, custom worksheets, work requests, account backup and export, workspace templates, anti-virus scanning, IP address access control, product concierge, and advanced license management.

Airtable Pricing:

The fine points of Airtable cost bundles are:


The free plan of Airtable software is for sole proprietors and small teams. This plan features basic functionalities to get the teams up and running. The services covered in this cost bundle of Airtable are unlimited bases, premade templates, automation integrations, and one extension per base. Besides that,  this Airtable cost package provides a self-serve knowledge base and calendar, grid, and kanban views.


The Plus plan empowers sturdy collaboration for fast-growing companies, so they don’t face constraints in their workflow. The Plus cost plan of Airtable charges $12 per user per month. It includes advanced functionalities, unlike the free plan. It also offers custom templates, custom brand forms, and three extensions per base to simplify the project workflows.


This Airtable software plan is one level up from the Plus plan and costs $24 per month per user. In addition to advanced collaboration, this package offers customization facilities like calendar editing. This bundle’s innovative services include domain-restricted shares and file and table editing permissions. The best part is it supports Gantt, Timeline, and Personal views and even integrates with Jira software.


The Enterprise plan of Airtable software is followed by custom pricing for all companies as no two companies have the same requirements. Alongside the business plan functionalities, this package offers many extensive features to tackle the complexity of project streams. It supports unlimited extensions, Jira and salesforce integrations, and enterprise-grade admin control. Besides that, professional consultation and base build services are also available.


What more do you need to know? This Airtable vs Aha pricing demo is fully packed with one-on-one facts about the cost bundles offered by these solutions. For more details, contact us or visit the official website of Airtable software and Aha software. But, if after that you feel like you are still not sure which software to choose, go for the Aha and Airtable demo.  Airtable and Aha demo tutorials are free-of-cost and readily available on request.

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