Growth of Chocolate Industry in Saudi Arabia


To begin with, when it comes to knowing about the growth of the Chocolate Industry; Chocolate consumption in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly one of the largest markets. In the Middle East, people have a remarkably sweet tooth. This would be justified at the end of the article when you finish reading through it. There are a varying number of factors that support this statement, and one would realize the role chocolate has played in the biggest nation of the middle east.

Reasons for Growing Chocolate market in Saudi Arabia:

Statistically, the demand for chocolate in the Saudi Arabian Market grew towards the end of the 21st Century. The demographics, resource distributions and climatic conditions have influenced the consumption patterns of the country. Hence, a few of the Standard reasons why and how chocolate gained its way into the favourite items; and must have a list of the Arabians are as below.

Emphasis on Luxury:

However, the Luxury Chocolate Segment has been growing over the past decade in this region.  Considering the periodic changes in the patterns of consumer behaviour; three types of buyers have been identified all with different behaviours and demands. The convenience, value, and the luxury buyer. Out of the three, the number of luxury buyers seems to be increasing in developing and developed economies. The reason for the idea is that expensive Chocolates are an affordable luxury.

Chocolate and Socialization:

In the region, Chocolate Bars are a way of socializing with family and friends. They are favoured by both locals and nonlocals. Chocolate is part of many occasions as an essential confectionery. Some of these special occasions include Ramadan, social gatherings, EID, weddings, births etc. This presence of chocolate has increased even more with local and International Chocolate Brands appearing in the markets. 

Local Companies:

On the other hand, there is a general misconception among the general public by default; that chocolate imported from foreign countries is of better quality than those that are produced locally. This tradition is broken by the local company Al-Kazemi. The company now supplies 60%-70% to coffee shops or companies in Kuwait, and the rest to other Gulf countries. By producing high-quality chocolate in the region, they are breaking these misconceptions. Right now the local manufacturers of chocolate have been giving tough competition to the International Brands, and some companies have even started exporting the locally made chocolates.

Awareness of Purity of the products:

However, the awareness of the importance of sourcing cocoa beans, transparency, and fair trade; in the whole supply chain is picking up in the country. Many of the existing and emerging companies are resorting to fair trade; by including organic raw materials purchased from trusted and established suppliers. The biggest example of this is ‘Mirzam’, a bean-to-bar company in Dubai.  It emphasizes sourcing single-origin beans from countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and India.  Also, in Qatar, a new chocolate company called Buono emphasizes on purest kind of chocolate.

Demand for Health with Taste:

The consumer population that has an interest in more health benefits and organic products; fuels the demand for confectionery products in the country. Saudi Arabian Confectionery Market is divided into three segments i.e., the Chocolate segment, sugar and chewing gum. Moreover, they are 21% of the total confectionery market. It has been expected that demand for the chewing gum segment will increase in the coming years; due to growing health concerns among the people leading to a shift in the target consumer base.

Fair Trade:

The companies in the Saudi region prefer fair trade for multiple benefits. Fairtrade improves lives and protects the environment and also ensures quality products. Hence, it helps farmers in developing the necessary raw materials and establishes sustainable firms that positively influence their communities. By establishing Fair Trade in the region; there can be long term benefits such as prompt payment of fair prices and wages, no child forced or exploited labour, safe working environments etc. 


Lastly, the Arab kingdom, given the present market scenario in terms of demand and supply of chocolate; and it generates significant demand for chocolates in the future. Remain dominant in terms of Market Growth in the region in the years to come. This is the prediction result.

On the whole, many organisations are making their mark in the FMCG sector as the Leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Biscuits, Chocolates, Cookies, Candies and Wafer Biscuits; by becoming noteworthy brands by establishing their footprint in the Saudi Chocolate Market. Finally, with a competitive strategy and a long term goal of customer satisfaction combined with quality service; they are earning happy customers and are on the mission of expansion.

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